About "Rui glamourous"

"Breasts are larger mats to choose lingerie. "

Rui glamourous is a glamour size brand was born from such a thought.
Larger size Bras the prices are high. Design is not cute. Style looks worse....
Rui glomourous resolves problems faced by our glamour size.

Glamour Lady thought
For the grammar Lady
Glamour size lingerie brand

Developed from the "3D" measurement.

-Various sizes-
Cup F-K, under 65 and specializes in all 36 size of 90.
-High performance, low price ~
The emphasis on functional support for the larger bust.
Realized price in concentrate on glamour size products.
~ Cute design ~
Launch new products every month.
From large cups designed to achieve "because of glamour size cute" bra and bottoms can be enjoyed together.
-Developed by 3D-
You will find people who didn't fit in the import product developed by measuring 3D glamour size monitor, so the perfect bra.