Alomat bra (SP-362)

Alomat bra (SP-362)


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Ornate embroidery pattern shines in soft colors
While covering the entire bust firmly higher than lifting effects, support for outstanding full Cup bra.

Aside to clear aside meat U type to reduce the power of high and tall.

Elegant lingerie decorated with ornate embroidery, refreshing iced green base color.
Embrace of gorgeous pastel floral, tangy blue accents the embroidery was used.
On the top of the Cup enjoyable stretch lace Lavender color, plus a soft feminine impression.
Decorated Crystal motif on the Center front.

◆ precautions
Please not submerge in water for a long time.
Do not use optical brighteners.
Please do not use the dryer.
Please do not wash with other things for the dark.

• Materials, etc.
Raw materials: polyester, nylon, and other
Place of origin: China
[Strap] total size 20 mm
Note: wire pad pocket with padded with (delivered in separate bag)
[Size: 155 cm tall and wear a bra H70 and wear shorts L

◆ size
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