User Guide

About the sale of goods

■Delivery time of goods

Order by 15 o'clock on the order day will be shipped on the same day, after 15 o'clock will be shipped the next business day.
Arrival will be after the next day after shipping contact.(※It is limited to domestic delivery in Japan.)
(Orders received on Sundays and holidays and summer holidays / year-end and New Year holidays will be shipped the next business day.)

[Receiving refused][Cancellation after shipment of goods][Long absence]Returns by etc etc can not be accepted.

[Receiving refused][Cancellation after shipment of goods][Long absence]In case of occurrence、We will charge you a roundtrip shipping fee and office work cost (total 2,000 yen) added to the item price and will be paid.

・When the item of your order becomes unnecessary, please contact me once you receive the item, please contact the procedure to request return / exchange.
・If you are refused receipt of cash on delivery without notice, we will refuse the further dealings and will charge for the round-trip shipping costs and administrative expenses incurred (total 2,000 yen).

About exchange and return of goods

■Conditions concerning exchange and return

Products that apply to the following conditions can not be exchanged or returned, so please note in advance.

1.Items that have removed product tags.
2.Scratches and stains occurred at the customer's hands, and products with smells adhered thereto.
3.Sale items (excluding defective items).
4.Product after 8 days or more after delivery.

■About free size exchange

As long as it is unused within 7 days after delivery, it can be exchanged once for free size.
※The exchange of overseas shipment does not correspond. Please note.

1.After arrival of goods, try on on with tags, you can exchange only if the size did not match.
2.Please contact the following exchange desired contents to mail or call center within 7 days after goods arrival.

【Your orderer's name】
【Order number】
【Order Product Name / Size / Quantity】
【Replacement desired product name / size / quantity】

Size exchange desired mail: > From here
Call center:03-3272-6800

3.After confirming the stock, we will send you a replacement wish item from our company.
When replacement goods are delivered, please pack the customer's exchange goods and filled in "returned goods exchange contact sheet" and hand it to Sagawa Kyubin.

4.If there is no stock of the customer's replacement wish item, we will respond by exchanging or returning to other products.
5.It is unnecessary for customers to send replacement items to us.
6.We will not bear the cost if you replace the replacement item to our company by yourself.
Moreover, it is not included in the calculation at checkout, so please be aware in advance.

■About return

As long as it is unused within 7 days after delivery, it is possible to return it.
Sale items can not be returned non-defective items.

In the case of return by customer circumstances, the shipping fee will be paid by the customer.

With the streamlining of business / non-cashing, after September 1, 2017, COD returned goods without our consent will be returned to the customer. The return shipping fee of COD becomes the customer's burden and the refund checkout will be delayed. Please be consent in advance.

1.Please return the goods to be returned together with the completed "returned goods contact table" by the customer shipping burden to the following company.
〒104-0028 東京都中央区八重洲2-4-10 サン八重洲ビル4階
株式会社ショッピング・プラザ 宛  TEL:03-3272-6800
2.Pack the molded product without crushing the cup shape. Other products should be packed avoiding extreme compression.
3.There is no designated shipping company at the time of return.

About erroneous shipment / defective item

■About erroneous shipment / defective item exchange

We pay exacting attention to the quality of products and shipping, but if "different products are being sent" or "deemed defective", please contact our company call center.
Call center telephone number:03-3272-6800
Or please contact us at the following e-mail address.
We will immediately arrange for non-defective items and we will exchange and exchange items with you.
There is no need to return goods / defective products from customers.

About payment method

■Payment method and payment timing

paypal(Credit settlement(MasterCard・VISA・AMEX・JCB・DISCOVER・UnionPay)/You can choose from cash on delivery.

【Cash on delivery】(※Only domestic shipment of Japan can be selected.)

1.Please pay the price when delivering the item.
2.Cash on delivery is only payment with cash.
Payment with "credit card" and "debit card" can not be used.
3.If the total amount is 300,000 yen or more, cash on delivery can not be used. Please be careful.
4.Cash on delivery commission: uniform 378 yen.

【Required fee other than item price】

The total payment becomes "commodity price" + "cash on delivery commission (credit card payment is free)" + "postage".
Shipping fee is 640 yen nationwide in Japan. Free shipping if purchased over 9800 yen.(※From 1 November 2017)
※For the shipping fee, the campaign shipping fee will be applicable during the campaign run.
(※We will inform you of shipping costs separately for overseas shipment.)

About refund of returned goods

Returned goods will be refunded within 10 days after arrival.
1.In the case of credit refund, the withdrawal from the customer account and the refund date will be different depending on the closing date of each credit company.
2.By "returned goods", if the purchase price becomes out of the subject of free shipping, it will be refunded by deducting our shipping fee 640 yen and transfer fee from the item price.(※From 1 November 2017)

About mail correspondence

1.Because it is a fixed holiday on Sundays and public holidays, we will respond to e-mail within business hours on weekdays and Saturdays (10: 00-18: 00).
2.If you receive on Sundays and public holidays, you may get some time to reply to e-mails. Please note.

Mail: Inquiry form > From here