Privacy policy and personal information

Shopping Plaza Co., Ltd. Kawada Mutsumi

Shopping Plaza Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") has paid maximum attention to the protection of the privacy of everyone's members.

Concept of Personal Information

We will inform you of the way of thinking in the personal information of our members. Please refer to around us as you use.

At our company, we ask you to register personal information in order to provide better services to our members.
We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without permission.

At our company, we may provide information and services customized based on the personal information of our members and we may distribute information on partners who are deemed beneficial to our members.
In addition, we may refer to personal information you keep from everyone to analyze our own trends.

In the event that the member receives an application for goods, gifts, materials request, we will consider the person as consent and disclose the information to the company sending the product you want.
However, in doing so, we will limit only the information necessary for applying, and we will not disclose any personal information entered elsewhere.

In order to explain our service to cooperating companies, advertising clients and other third parties, we have obligated to enter a confidential agreement before providing information.
Or for other legitimate purposes, we may aggregate, analyze, and disclose statistical information on the membership as a condition provided that individual members can not identify them.

If we decide to adversely affect third parties

If we are requested to disclose personal information or other information from police, court, public prosecutors office, bar association or similar period, we may disclose personal information and others.
In addition, we may disclose it for the purpose of protecting our rights and property.

Companies that collect data through our partners and third party companies' sites and services accessible through our company, or sweepstakes and sales promotion activities, etc., are subject to individual privacy terms and conditions We have data collection provisions.

However, we do not undertake any obligation or responsibility for these independent contracts and activities.

In addition, when voluntarily disclosing personal information, please keep in mind that it may be collected by other users (bulletin board etc.), disclose information at your own risk Please give me.

What is cookie?

Cookie is a system that allows our server to identify and verify members based on information registered by members.

In order to analyze and create our statistical data, we will use customized information and services according to the hobbies and tastes of our members, and we will use it for advertisement publication.

Inquiries about personal information protection policy

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